Join Us for a Two Day Celebration Oct. 8 and 9 – Dedication of the Treganza Heritage Park

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Treganza’s entertain on Kempf st. during WWII

The Treganza Sisters

Alberto Treganza with his Mother Josephine Tregnaza circa early 1940’s

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Help us celebrate the dedication of “Treganza Heritage Park”

The pioneer Treganza family launched its century-long impact on Lemon Grove and environs when Eduardo and Josephine Treganza crossed the plains by wagon from Denver and arrived in San Diego in 1889. He was a horticulturist and painter; she was a writer and fossil collector. Their children and grandchildren even unto the seventh generation engaged in the visual and performing arts, education, science, business, medicine, and the humanities. They shared their knowledge with the townsfolk, helped to build its citrus industry, created its enduring civic icon, “The Big Lemon,” and developed programs and traditions that led directly to the town’s incorporation as California’s 414th city and the founding of its historical society. Along the way, they forged lifelong friendships, loved each other and their neighbors, and had unconditional love for Lemon Grove, the little town that became their haven in a tough world and the scene of their many accomplishments.

In February of 2020 the Lemon Grove Historical Society successfully lobbied the Lemon Grove City Council to change the name of its civic center park to “Treganza Heritage Park”.  To celebrate the renaming of our beloved park, LGHS is hosting 2 days of events:

Special Treganza edition of “History Alive” at 7 pm on Oct 8 – a free event

Park Dedication and Museum Open House beginning at 10 am on Oct – a free event

                Treganza Extravaganza fundraiser dinner, silent auction and entertainment                                        beginning at 5:30 pm Oct 9 – a ticketed event.

  Please join us and the citizens of Lemon Grove as we celebrate this important moment in Lemon Grove civic history!  Click on the Links above for more details.  Note: All events will be held out of doors with the exception of the Museum open-house 

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