Lemon Grove History Mural

Lemon Grove History Mural

The Lemon Grove History Mural is located on the south wall of the town’s historic Sonka Brothers General Store. The mural depicts the five eras of Lemon Grove history from the Kumeyaay World to the modern City of Lemon Grove.

Constructed in 1912, the Sonka Store is a Mission Revival building. Over the years it has housed a store, a post office, and a bakery. It has been a gathering place since the early days of Lemon Grove. For years it was the heart of the town.

The sixty-five foot long mural was created in sections between 2005 and 2013. In 2014 the Lemon Grove Historical Society received a Governor’s Historic Preservation Award for the project.

Your Historical Society at Work

The historical society’s twofold goal is to protect the historic building and tell the story of Lemon Grove. Prior to constructing the mural, a building expert examined the building to be sure the building could support the mural’s weight. He advised us on the best method to install the panels. We prepared the wall by filling cracks and painting. Treated lumber supports the base of the mural so the weight isn’t all borne by the wall. The mural was painted on plywood sheets, then attached to the building.

The five eras of Lemon Grove history depicted are: The Kumeyaay World, The Spanish Conquest, The Mexican Empire, The Birth of Lemon Grove and Modern Lemon Grove. The Lemon Grove Historical Society owns and maintains the mural under the terms of an agreement with the building’s current owners – the Lemon Grove Bakery.

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Visit the Lemon Grove History Mural – a free Lemon Grove tourist attraction.

Lemon Grove History Mural

3308 Main Street, Lemon Grove, California

Winner, 2014 Governor’s Historic Preservation Award


Kathleen Strzelecki, Janne LaValle


Helen M. Ofield


Lemon Grove Historical Society

Production Partners:

City of Lemon Grove / EDCO Disposal Corp. / Aimée and Kendall Squires / Sherwin Williams

Major Funding:

General Atomics / City of Lemon Grove / Ofield Family Trust / Viejas Enterprises / Barona Band of the Kumeyaay Nation / Luiseño Band of Diegueño Indians / Jack and Marianne Moore / Hunter’s Nursery / New Pacific Productions / Conrad Mortuary / The Sonka Family / Lisa B. Davis / Ilse Hanning / The Lemon Grove Historical Society and the People of Lemon Grove and Friends everywhere