LGHS Leadership

Lemon Grove Historical Society Board 2021-2022
Lemon Grove Historical Society Board 2021-2022

The Lemon Grove Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1978, Federal ID#95-3401395. Organizational leadership is provided by a seven-member board of directors – all of whom serve without compensation – and a team of dedicated volunteers.

Executive Board

President Laura J Hook
Secretary Barbara Soto
Treasurer Helen Ofield

Vice Presidents

Programs TBA
Membership Sarah Lewis

Board Members

Cynthia Hughes Doyle, Archival Development
Roberta Ford Bulling,  Chair, Education Outreach
Gary S Elbert,  Director of Buildings and Grounds

Web Team

Content: Jack Doherty, Helen Ofield, Barbara Soto, Cynthia Doyle, Level One Web Design

Original Website Design & Architecture: Claire Condra
Events Barbara Soto, Laura Hook

Museum Docents

Roberta Bulling, Laura Hook, Helen Ofield, Viki Webb, Carol Weiss

Other Valued Team Members:

Artist in Residence Kathleen Strzelecki
Valued Volunteers Adrianna Castro, Anna-Marie Castro, Dominic Cuellar, Susan Farnsworth, Viki Webb, Carol Weiss
Exhibit Design Josie Kane, Brenda Hammond, Laura Hook
Photography Audrey Hamm, Pedro Bulling
Photo Archive Founder Pete Smith
Videography Robert Stuckey
Accountant Henry Ho
Legal Counsel Jon Pettis, Esq.
Artifact Detective Thomas Rosenberger
Newsletter Editor Helen Ofield
2021 Intern Jana