Treganza Heritage Park Dedication a Huge Success




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Laura Hook, president
Lemon Grove Historical Society
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October’s Treganza Heritage Park Celebration a HUGH SUCCESS!

by Laura Hook

Oct 16, 2021
Lemon Grove honored its very own on Oct. 9, 2021. The little-city-that-could renamed its most central public park “Treganza Heritage Park” in honor of the multi-talented pioneer Treganza family that was key to forging the town’s identity in agricultural, the visual and performing arts, science and medicine, education and business.
The lavish dedication ceremony–the first of its kind in civic history–drew dignitaries and cultural leaders county-wide and was punctuated by Girl Scout Troop 6786 presenting the colors, a moving rendition of “America the Beautiful” by soloist Dale Fleming, a rousing Song of Celebration by the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Choir, the Pledge of Allegiance led by Treganza descendant Dwight Stanley, a moving invocation by Dr. John Warren, a reading of her 2021 first prize essay by nine-year-old Mikka Ferriols and presentation of  miniature “Big Lemon plaques honoring Alberto Treganza, who designed Lemon Grove’s famous “Big Lemon” in 1928.
The park renaming was the brainchild of the Lemon Grove Historical Society and enthusiastically endorsed by a unanimous city council vote on Feb. 4, 2020. Then the Covid pandemic hit and the city-wide celebration was halted until Oct. 9, 2021.
Said historical society president Laura Hook:    “We were thrilled at the success of the events surrounding the Treganza Heritage Park dedication and celebration.  From the overwhelming crowd at the Friday Night History Alive Lectures centering on Alberto Treganza and the Treganza family, to the fantastic dedication on Saturday morning Oct 9, to the fabulous, fun-filled gala dinner that evening, each event was a great time for all. Thank you, fellow citizens and our beloved City!”

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Laura Hook

Laura Hook became president of the Lemon Grove Historical Society by unanimous vote in 2020. Her knowledge and understanding of Lemon Grove and San Diego County is deep and warm. A former Lemon Grove planning commissioner, she also served as PTA president at her children’s schools and for the entire school district. She is retired from a career with Kaiser Permanente as the Hospital Unit Coordinator. She is a dynamic leader of the historical society and especially enjoys museum exhibit design, running events in the H. Lee House Cultural Center, welcoming new and existing members to society cultural events, and working with The Old Globe Theatre and San Diego Museum Council on shared goals.




  • Laura Hook

    President - Lemon Grove Historical Society Laura has been a Lemon Grove resident since 1981 serving as Secretary on the historical society board and as a docent in the Parsonage Museum when not volunteering in other capacities. She and her husband, John, raised two children in town, prompting Laura to volunteer as PTA President of San Miguel Elementary and Helix Charter High School. She served as PTA Council President for the Lemon Grove School District. Laura served as a Lemon Grove Planning Commissioner, participant in various civic workshops, and somehow found time to pursue a career as a Kaiser Hospital Unit Coordinator. Along with her presidential duties, Laura is the LGHS liaison to the San Diego Museum Council.

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